Weekly Torah

Genesis 12:1−17:27 D’var Torah By: Edwin C. Goldberg Answers Are Important, But Questions Matter More Who’s there?” is the first thing we read in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It encapsulates the topic… read more

Genesis 6:9−11:32 D’var Torah By: David Segal for ReformJudaism.org The world’s first “skyscraper” was built after the great Flood. All of humanity, unified by a single language, decided to build… read more

Genesis 1:1−6:8 Deconstructing Adam D’var Torah By: David Segal for ReformJudaism.org Biblical literalism is on the rise. You can see it in the growth of Bible-based mega-churches where the “word… read more

Holidays Exodus 33:12–34:26 D’var Torah By: Shira Milgrom for ReformJudaism.org The Torah reading for the Shabbat of Sukkot (Exodus 33:12–34:26) includes the reconciliation between God and Moses following the Golden… read more