Movie “NAZI Officer’s Wife”

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This Movie screening is presented by Kari Heitzner of The Membership Committee.  RSVP is required-please call 201 768-5112.  Coffee and light refreshments will be served.  For more information please call the temple office at 201 768-5112.


In 1938 Edith Hahn was a Viennese law student, a “Christmas-tree Jew,” with a gentile boyfriend. In 1942 she was living under an assumed name in Munich married to Werner Vetter a Nazi party member who was later drafted into the Wehrmacht. Based on Hahn’s acclaimed memoir THE NAZI OFFICER’S WIFE is the riveting account of how she survived the Holocaust by posing as an Aryan hausfrau. Despite the risks she kept painstaking records including real and falsified documents and photos of labor camps. These moving artifacts along with testimony from Hahn and her daughter bring this tale of survival resilience and redemption to life. Made by award-winning filmmakers Rory Kennedy (American Hollow) and Liz Garbus (The Farm: Life Inside Angola Prison) THE NAZI OFFICER’S WIFE is narrated by Susan Sarandon with additional readings by Julia Ormand.