Temple Beth El. The piece measures 10 ft. by 6 ft., is composed of fifteen sections, was worked with sixty-four colors in a variety of stitches and took two years to complete. The tapestry was designed by artist Bonnie Yales, assembled by Felicity Morse and Henry Berkman and was dedicated in May 1990.



at Alessandro’s Trattoria E Pizzeria

                                   UPCOMING EVENT:   RUMMAGE SALE

rummage sale 3Our annual rummage sale Sunday, July 9 at 9 am and 1 pm..  What is the Rummage Sale?  A HUGE garage sale and a major fundraiser for the Sisterhood.  This is a great opportunity to clean out those closets!  We also need your donated time to help set up and work at the sale.  This is a great mitzvah opportunity for teenagers as well as every member of your family!

Rummage Pic

How to Volunteer:

  • Friday, July 7 and Saturday, July 8 is set up for the rummage sale.  Everyone is invited to help — children and significant others included!!
  • We specifically need the ‘Misterhood’ (a.k.a. the husbands) to help the first half hour of set-up with the tables and large items.
  • The sale hours are 9 am – 12 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm on Sunday, July 9.  We need lots of volunteers to help work at the sale.
  • Can’t volunteer during the sale?  Then please join us after the sale for clean up on Sunday, July 9 at 3 pm.


Call Sarahjane Nacht at 201-784-5817 or contact her via email at

OTHER EVENTS: The women of Sisterhood work together throughout the year to support and strengthen Temple Beth El.  We have made substantial contributions to the temple that were a result of our varied fundraisers such as Mishloch Manot, Comedy Nights, Art Sales, rummage sales and many other programs. But our role is not simply devoted to raising funds.

  • We organize the onegs following the services, buy Chanukah presents for all the nursery and religious school students, and purchase gifts for the bar and bat mitzvah students.
  • Every spring the women of the Sisterhood lead a Shabbat service.
  • Our Judaica shop offers a wide and beautiful variety of items, including seder plates, menorahs and tzedakah boxes.
  • We deliver your good wishes to B’nai Mitzvot students through Uniongram Greetings.

We also have done good for the community.

  • We have a regular knitting group that knits blanket and afghans for RHAIN (Reproductive Health Access and Information Network), a North Jersey organization committed to reducing the incidence of low birth weight babies and infant death, reducing the incidence of adolescent pregnancy and increasing the percentage of women receiving prenatal care.
  • We organize food collections for the Center for Food Action as well as donating funds to the Center.
  • We collect used eyeglasses for those in need, and collect toiletries for local shelters.
  • We send our Mishloach Manot packages to members of our armed forces.

Not only do we help our temple and community but we enjoy having good times as well.

  • We enjoy our Ladies’ Night Out for food and drinks.
  • The Sisterhood, along with the Men’s Club and Chai Society, hosts an annual New Year’s Brunch with interesting and relevant speakers.
  • We have our annual Chanukah party with a Mystery Macabee exchange.
  • Our evening book club.
  • We host a delicious end of  the year dinner at a local restaurant.


Co-President:  Joan Cooper

Co-President:  Jan Miller

Financial Secretary: Carolyn Fischer

Board Liaison: Joan Cooper

Recording Secretary: Ardelle Kasdan

Corresponding Secretary: Angela Schuster

Onegs: Nicole Jakab and Sarahjane Nacht

Fundraising: Sarahjane Nacht and Angela Schuster

Membership: Lynn Marko and Alison Mahoney

Programming: Susan Asher

Uniongrams: Lynn Marko

Toiletries: Judy Sussmann

Eyes for the Needy: Wendy Blechman

Food Drives: Carol Geffner