To dedicate a memorial plaque to a loved one at Temple Beth El, please use the Memorial Plaque (Yahrzeit) Order Form and return it to the temple office.

Zichronam Livracha, may their memories be for a blessing.

Yahrzeits are observed on the nearest Sabbath following the date of death.

The following loved ones will be remembered at Sabbath Services:

August 17

Edna Edelman, grandmother of Sharon Field

Joseph Haloff

Morton Rothenberg

Jack Berke, father of Shari Bernstein

Gwendolyn Goldman, mother of Audrey Pekelney

Ellis Greene

Edward Pine, father of Lauren Bernstein

Howard Chapman, brother of Randy Fishman

Jay Fishman, husband of Randy Fishman

Ludwig Einstein, father of Paul Eland

David Rosenberg, grandfather of Susan Asher

Stanley Briker, father of Alan Briker

David Golden

Eleanor Friedberg, mother-in-law of Gloria Friedberg

Abraham Albert Valensi, brother of Jack Valensi


August 24

Mildred Martin

Mariana Eichenbaum De Plohn, sister of Veronica Jacobs

Irving Feiner

Ruth Flax

Janice Goldhaber

Esther Manus, sister of Selma Lieberman

Milton Moore, father of Elaine Sinowitz

Mortimer Rothstein

Robert Rubovitz, father of Ed Rubovitz

Frances Eiseman, mother of Steven Eiseman

Jane Schwartz

Sylve Epstein

Harriet Weber, sister of Martin Hirsch

Saul Weinberg, father of Karen Wartell

Elliot Binder, father of Matt & Steve Binder,

& husband of Shirley Binder

Doris Silverstein, mother of Richard Silverstein

Josef Hirsch

Bessie Selbey

Sidney Troy

Max Krieger, father-in-law of Miriam Krieger

Maurice Machbitz

Pauline Weinberg

Philip Weinrobe


August 31

Audrey Zubkoff, mother of Nina Zubkoff

Sheila Marton, mother of Fred Marton

Sarah Flax

Lee Heymann, husband of Sophie Heymann

Marilyn Rothfield, sister-in-law of Maxine Kaufman

Leon Rothman

Diane Wenz, sister of Steve Lott

Albert Ketler

Leopold Rothschild, father of Marlys Lehmann

Vera Weisberger, grandmother of Lawrence Weiss

Celia Black, mother-in-law of Bernice Black

Charles Black, father-in-law of Bernice Black

Rose Goldenberg

Mildred Freilich

Abraham Albert Valensi, brother of Jack Valensi

Mark Goldbaum, cousin of Stephen Jerome

Samuel Taubman

Lawrence Biggard, father of Patricia Schreiber

Ira Ian Sweetwood

Kasriel Youngentob

Nathan Alpert, father of Stuart Alpert

Esther Arenson

Dan Daniel, step-father of Rosemary Seitel

Miksa Jakab, grandfather of Spencer Jakab

Abraham Reisman, father of Joan Cooper