To dedicate a memorial plaque to a loved one at Temple Beth El, please use the Memorial Plaque (Yahrzeit) Order Form and return it to the temple office.

Zichronam Livracha, may their memories be for a blessing.

Yahrzeits are observed on the nearest Sabbath following the date of death.

The following loved ones will be remembered at Sabbath Services:


April 27

Stanley Birke, father of Steven Birke

Sigmund Gottlieb, father-in-law of Lilo Gottlieb

Eli Klein

Samuel Perlman

Ernst Baer, father-in-law of Jeanne Baer

Mollye Marcus Bloom

Clara Fishman

Lloyd Getz, father of Carol Abolafia

Samuel Geffner, father of Lawrence Geffner

Harriet Seligson, mother of Shirley Binder, & grandmother of Matthew & Steve Binder

Lily Wallach

Samuel Kutikoff, husband of Bernice Beckman

Saul Rogers, father of Nancy Eichenbaum & brother of Miriam Kassel

Jean Sinowitz, mother of Leonard Sinowitz

George Edward Wartell, brother of Joel Wartell

Rose Wilson

Beatrice Bell, mother of Nancy Salen

Bernice Frohman, mother of Andrea Hershan

Morris Penchansky

Esther Ratoff, aunt of Julia Nock

Abe Katzman

Leonard Kehrman, father of Joan Levit

Julius Leeser

Ernest Wolf, father-in-law of Meryl Wolf

May 4

Edward Fishman, father-in-law of Randy Fishman

Shirley Fishman, mother-in-law of Randy Fishman

Joseph Harris

Samuel Bernstein

Louis Shapiro, father-in-law of Lucille Shapiro

Gertrude Clarke, mother of Andrew Clarke

Marion Friedlander

Clifford Hillman, father of Kari Heitzner

Ida Huber, grandmother of Michael Huber

Abraham Haim Seroussi, father of Judith Meyerhardt

Carolyn Edelstein, mother of Adele Grodstein

Bertha Lax, aunt of Arlene Jaroslaw

Donna Lynn Verp, sister of Stephen Verp

Betty Weiss

Marvin Asch, father of Hollie Asch

Leon Berkman

Issac Liss

Isaac Serata, father of Daniel Serata

Jane Ulin


May 11

Minnie Lefkowitch

Estelle Weiner

Daniel Kane

Edith Niederhoffer

Irving Ratoff, father of Julia Nock

Alvin Lieberman, brother of Seymour Lieberman

Myron Marko, father of Eric Marko

Gary Zinovoy

Marian R. Ginsberg

Solon Gottlieb

Arnold Glick, father of Rob Glick

Betty Lustig

Lori Ann Trager, niece of Joan & Irwin Berger


May 18

Ruth Cahn Barkas, mother of Judy Sussmann

Alice Cohen

Shirley Snyder

Stacy Winters, sister of Keri Scheinbach

Jack Zlotnick, brother of Lila Marcus

Joseph Harfenist

Esta Rosenberg

Alan J. Lehrer

Sylvia Schan, mother of Jane Williams

Jacob Schneider, father of Howard Schneider

Helen Seitel, mother of Fraser Seitel

Ira Sprung, father of Hillary Hirschhorn

Gertrude Teller, aunt of Joan Levit

Edward Kommer, father of Evelyn Levy

Pauline Yudell

Bernard Edelman, father of Alissa Latner

Claire Gelder

Ida Krasner

Iris Rogers, mother of Nancy Eichenbaum

& sister-in-law of Miriam Kassel

Ellis Simon, grandfather of Ardelle Kasdan

Donald Biggard, brother of Patty Schreiber

Bernard Marcus

Harry Pasternak

Herman Plonchak

Sam Ratoff, uncle of Julia Nock

May 25

Joseph Bell, father of Nancy Salen

Henry Katz

Mary Berger

Max Duberstein

Louise Jacobsohn

Irving Sontag

Marc Stern, brother of Bette Balsam

Rose P. Brahms, mother of Ronnie Friedman

Ansel Rosen

Carl Schechter

Lorraine Serata, mother of Daniel Serata

Lauretta Forman, mother of Daniel Forman

Sadie Goldhaber

Miriam Fass, mother of Eric Fass

Mildred King, aunt of Stephen Jerome

Gabriel Adam Redstone

Emily Rosen

Seymour Schlanger, father of Ilene Binder

Ada Zable, aunt of Carol Lipton

Yvette Levin, mother of Carol Lipton

Etta Dworkin, mother of Linda Gold

Eva Weiner

Sanford Blank, father of Jonathan Blank

Anna Jaroslaw, mother of Harry Jaroslaw

Hyman Kaplan, father of Alan Kaplan

Elaine Tenenbaum, mother of Jan Miller