Caring Community

“Let justice well up as waters,and righteousness as a mighty stream.” (Amos 5:24)

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Lev.19:18)

The Caring Community is a committee whose goal is primarily to help congregants when they need help. This includes when there is a death of a loved one, when there is illness or hospitalization, even when there is a mitzvah, such as a new baby. The committee consists of a core group of about thirty congregants who may be called on to provide dinners—usually by cooking a meal—when needed, to drive a patient to a medical facility as needed, to make a hospital visit, or to be at the home of a congregant after a death in the family, setting up a meal for mourners returning from the interment. There are times, when a need is very great, that the entire congregation may be contacted to ask for help. The committee is perhaps the only one that never meets—all contact is via e-mail and telephone, thus facilitating membership on the Caring Community.

To contact the Caring Community – either to get involved, or because you need help, please e-mail Marlys Lehmann or phone Marlys at 201-569-5542.