From Your TBE Co-Presidents


With the High Holy Days behind us, we hope you’ve had a chance to reflect, as we have, on just how special our time together was. The music was beautiful, the worship inspirational, and the deep sense of community was palpable. Thank you helping to make our High Holy Day time together so extraordinary.

You may recall our words on Yom Kippur morning and our holiday appeal. Borrowing from Rabbi Widzer’s sermon from a few years ago, we encouraged you to measure your involvement in Judaism as you would your fitness through a Fitbit, and then push yourself for a 5% increase in your financial commitment to our temple. Our ask:

“So in our appeal this year, we’re asking for something very simple: a 5% increase in your giving. If you’ve donated $1000, please consider upping your gift by $50. If you haven’t given, beyond your dues (which doesn’t cover our operations, as has been mentioned in the past), consider a donation of 5% of the dues amount, or another $150.

If you can do more and give more, we need the help. In our final year as a standalone congregation, we’re projected to run at a deficit, and we hope you’ve seen, over these High Holy Days and frankly, over the past few years, the value that comes from a financially sound congregation.”

We’re working with Givz, a charitable giving platform, for this year’s appeal. The exciting part of that is that Givz is owned and run by one of our congregants, Andrew Forman, who approached me after services and offered to help. We’re thrilled to support one of our own, and we thank Andrew and his Givz team for their help and efforts.

Our congregation is poised for an exceptional tomorrow with our new merger partner, our new building, and our new name, Kol Dorot. But we humbly ask for your help to get us through this year so that we are well positioned to tackle our exceedingly bright future.

Angela Schuster and Joel Rubin

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