K’ton K’nection


A New Program for Kindergartners

and First Graders at Temple Beth El!




Celebrate holidays with creative activities
Engage your family in Jewish experiences
Connect with the Temple Beth El community
Have fun learning together!

K’ton K’nection (k’ton means “little one” in Hebrew) is a new educational program for Kindergartners and First Graders.  It will meet one Monday afternoon each month during the school year.
K’ton K’nection also includes 6-8 family experiences during the year, including activities like apple picking, a potluck Shabbat dinner, holiday arts & crafts, and other informal opportunities to be together.
For registration form and tuition click HERE.

K’ton K’necton 2018-19 calendar

Membership at Temple Beth El is not required for registration in K’ton K’nection.
Everyone is welcome to participate in the fun!

Membership questions? Call (201) 768-5112 or email office@tbenv.org

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