Music Specialist Barbara Stambler

Barbara Stambler

On any given day you are likely to see Barbara Stambler walking through the temple with a guitar strapped on.  Barbara has the privilege of teaching music to all of the children in the religious school as well as being the Bar Mitzvah Assistant and the family service accompanist.

Barbara’s love for the guitar started at a Jewish camp where she began to play guitar at the age of 16.  As a Spanish and bilingual teacher in the New York City she continued playing guitar and formed a bilingual choir.  For the last sixteen years she has combined her teaching skills with her love of guitar and song by teaching vocal music in synagogues throughout the region.  Her love of music and our Jewish heritage inspired her to expand her horizons to include the cantilation of Torah and Haftarah.  For the last four years Barbara has been tutoring Bar and Bat Mitzvah students in addition to  teaching music to all grades.  The 2011-2012 school year will mark Barbara’s eleventh year as a member of the staff at Temple Beth El.