Our Journey to the Future

RabbiWQAidzerheadshot-206x259June 7, 2014

The work has been done. The votes have been held. The papers have been signed. After many years of positioning our congregation for the future, and several months of conversations with Temple Beth Or, the Merger Agreement was officially signed on Friday, June 1, by TBE CoPresidents David Fischer and Steve Verp and TBO President Lee Anne Luing. The photos of the signing are the first entries into the historical archives of our new congregation!

Millennia ago, when our ancestors stood at the edge of the Promised Land, God had Moses send scouts to travel through the land and check it out. When the scouts returned from their expedition, they gave a positive report about the land itself, but they also expressed great fear about whether or not they’d be able to overcome the challenges they would face in taking possession of it. Only two of the scouts, Joshua and Caleb, were publically confident that they could claim the land. In response to the lack of faith, God proclaims that the entire generation must wander for 40 years in the wilderness. Only Joshua and Caleb, who had confidence in God, would eventually be able to enter the land.

Friends, I have every confidence that we are well along our way on our journey to the future. Let there be no doubt – the merger with Temple Beth Or will produce a strong, vibrant, exciting Reform Jewish community for northern Bergen County. And we will overcome any obstacle to move into a new home, our Promised Land. There will be hard work ahead. There is much to discuss, much to plan, much to undertake. But let us be like the faithful scouts, willing, each of
us, to engage in the tasks at hand to make our project a success. That may be helping pack up some of what we have accumulated in 50+ years in our building. It may be helping brainstorm the future of our educational program. It may be meeting our new co-congregants and making new friends. Whatever it is, let us take Joshua and Caleb as our role models, as we go forward with faith and confidence.

Rabbi David Widzer