Peirot: Jewish Learning & Living

Exciting, Progressive, Flexible

Educational Model

For Grades 3-6


Guiding Concepts:

  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Individualization
  • Structure
  • Responsibility
  • Intentionality


Highlights of the Program:

  • One day per week in residence – Tuesdays, 3:45-6:15pm
  • Additional credits from your choice of individual, family, and community activities
  • Personalized teacher mentoring to guide your learning


Educational Model and Terms – Our Tree of Learning

Geza (trunk) – one day in residence, robust experiences in Judaica, t’filah (prayer) and

music, Hebrew, community building

Anaf (branch) – individualized choices of experiences in 5 learning areas

Peirot (fruit) – the “credits” earned for completing Anaf activities


Details of the Program

Students in grades 3-6 will attend classes at Temple Beth El on Tuesdays from 3:45-6:15pm.  Students will also earn necessary credits by choosing additional educational and experiential options (individual, family, and communal) outside of the classroom.

The Geza (trunk) is the single, weekly day in residence.  Classes will meet on Tuesdays from 3:45-6:15pm.  This day will offer Hebrew, t’filah (prayer), music, Judaica and community building.  Learning will be hands-on, project based and experiential.  Judaica classes will be taught by grade.  Hebrew classes will be taught by ability level.  This robust afternoon of learning will support the activities of the branches and fruits above it.

The Anaf (branch) section of the program enables students to expand beyond the classroom walls, branching out in a variety of learning modes.  Students will select activities from five specific categories: Holidays & Shabbat; Tzedakah & Tikkun Olam; Jewish Living; Israel: Land, People and State; and Jewish History.  Each activity will earn a set number of credits, called Peirot (fruits).  A set number of Peirot must be accumulated over the course of the school year.

Peirot credits will be earned flexibly, as students and their families explore and select from a wide variety of activities.  We will help students and parents by providing many specific ideas from which to choose, and by offering Peirot opportunities here at Temple throughout the year.  Some activities will be comprised of independent self-guided learning, some will be family activities, and others will be part of the larger temple community and beyond.  Click here for a list of sample Anaf activities.

To guide their learning, each student will meet with an experienced teacher mentor 8 times during the year.  These one-on-one mentoring sessions will give students the opportunity to reflect on their learning, share their activities, monitor their progress, and encourage accountability.

An orientation session for all Peirot families will be held in the fall.  A full list of Anaf activities and the Peirot credit distribution and requirements will be shared, along with helpful hints and planning tips.


For More Information

We welcome all 3rd-6th Graders to Peirot: Jewish Learning &  Living and are proud to offer this meaningful and creative program which will foster rich experiences for all participants!


Please contact Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer with any questions

(201) 768-5112


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