Why We Joined…

Hello, my name is Marlys Lehmann and my husband’s is Charly. I have thought over carefully what belonging to a synagogue for more than fifty years means in a life. It means, to me, that you get out of it exactly what you put into it, and more. If you belong to a temple so that your children can go to religious school, and you attend a couple of services on the High Holy Days, and you answer a quest to come to the Bima on a Friday night for a Torah blessing that you don’t have time for that, and when you bring the children to school you simply drop them off, rarely coming into the building, then you will consider the temple a very expensive commodity. If, on the other hand, you attend Friday night services at least occasionally if not every week, if you get involved in your children’s schooling and classes, if you volunteer in any number of ways to keep the temple strong and vibrant—whether helping in the office, in the school, on a committee, by attending congregational meetings—you will begin to experience what Charly and I have experienced. We do, and have done, all of the above. Additionally, Charly was temple president from 1970 to 1972, and I was temple president from 1980 to 1982. Both of us viewed our terms of office with great satisfaction, as a matter of fact, I enjoyed every minute of my term, but that was because I was simply continuing to consider the temple another home for me, to bond to other congregants as family, and to feel that performing mitzvot, of any sort, was an important function of my life. That entailed giving. But what the temple has given to me is manyfold more than what I have given to it.

Marlys Lehman, member since 1960 

Temple Beth El has become an important community for my son Richard and I. There is a warmth among congregants that carries over into the services which are lead with thought and care. Temple Beth El is our second home.

Laura Rodgers, member since 2000

We’ve been members since 1998, when our oldest child was attending nursery school. We joined a Chavurah with other families who are now are dearest friends, and together we serve on many volunteer committees. Temple Beth El is an integral part of our social and spiritual life.

David and Carolyn Fischer, members since 1998

Our family joined Temple Beth El shortly after moving to the area.  I had just given birth to my first son, and we were looking for a congregational home to affiliate with.  Over the years TBE has been so much more than a place for worship to our family.  Our two boys have grown up in the hallways -from nursery school and religious school, the sanctuary and all the wonderful programs and events over the years.  It is our second home!  The bonds we have made with our beloved Chavurah extended family strengthen and nurture our souls.  I can’t imagine living in the Northern Valley without belonging to this wonderful and warm synagogue.

Dana Hall, member since 2000